Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Assembly Thinking - The Future of Design?

We would like to introduce a new section of our blog which is Assembly Thinking. This is where team members of Assembly will for example share their thoughts on latest developments in the industry. We hope you  enjoy the read! 

'Move Over Product Design, UX Is The Future': This insightful article from Rick Wise, CEO of Lippincott, really struck a chord with us here at Assembly. The article details the rise of 'Experience Innovation' – developing and refining the customer experience to give them the very best service a company can offer. Using real-world examples from companies working in all different sectors, from car service Uber to well known brands such as Nike and Disney, the article sets out the most important things to remember when crafting a customer experience. 

For us at Assembly, so much of what it means to be a 'brand' is now defined by the customer experience and meeting the needs and expectations of consumers, that experience innovation should be a key component in any brand exercise. Visual identity systems that blend with a clear company vision and perfectly sculpted customer experiences are signalling a new era in corporate branding: bring on the Experiential Age!

(Comment by Rosi Digne-Malcolm, Junior Designer)

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