Monday, 21 June 2010

Client Visit to Abu Dhabi and Dubai

Visited our soon to be new offices in the Media Zone, TwoFour54 in Abu Dhabi the other week and very excited about basing our new operation out there.

Currently we have a few clients on the go in the middle-east so I travelled out to catch up with them and help Jon, our creative director out move the plans for the new studio forwards. Met some very interesting types at the media zone netwrrking function which was surprisingly well attended and we got a number of really good leads from it.

Despite what is being written elsewhere, the market still feels slow but it is showing signs of picking up – everyone is quoting like mad and then waiting ages for decisions – Dubai is still very slow in construction related stuff and Abu Dhabi remains Mr competitive but is still moving along on most of its projects nicely –procurement processes within government bodies seem to be getting harder as they put more legislation in place if that is possible as they get more organised!!

On the way over to a meeting at the excellent Yas Island hotel – took the photo above, taken from the car as we went past Ferrari World, which is a beautiful building that our clients, Benoy Architecture have done a great job in realising – the pictures don’t do it justice – this really is a cracking scheme and taken from the bonnet design of a classic Ferrari – nice work if you can get it!!

We’ve also just done a great corporate film to promote Emirates Aluminium that features Aluminium Ali – a terminator 2 style 3d cartoon character that morphs into the different products – we’re very proud to report the company has cast a real model of Ali for their reception. You can check the film out on our vimeo site

After a productive meeting with the Emirates Nuclear Energy guys to make a few upgrades to their website, I attended Jon’s engagement brunch and learnt why this craze has become an ex-pat institution! Long day ended with listening to the cricket in the back of a 2hr cab back to the airport in Abu Dhabi – complete mission or mission complete?...